Improving Store Support and Revenue with Proactive Support Methodology

Increasing store service/equipment availability at a lower cost of staff-time, money & stress

Convenience store companies are often thinking about new ways to create a better customer experience and increase profitability. The most successful operations will combine new capabilities and/or new technology with enhancements in the way employees work to get the most out of any investments. Great staff is the main entry point for happy customers along with a baseline of revenue from store operations, which most stores already have. The next step is adjusting the way the team works to make sure in-store equipment and services are available any time a customer needs them to increase spending and return visits.

This paper examines the traditional model of store support along with Proactive Support Methodology so you can decide what is best for your company or have enough information to start an internal discussion about it. Though a few companies might already be doing something similar, the article is still valuable for its new ideas related to implementation. Plus, the piece will help company executives to better understand the return on investment of the operational philosophy that is already in place.

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