About Acumera

Acumera provides network management services, tools and applications that give multi-site retailers unparalleled security, visibility and connectivity to support IT, business intelligence, operations management and the bottom line.


Based in Austin, Texas, Acumera was founded in 2002 by the pioneers of broadband Internet access for business travelers. After successfully launching Wayport (now ATT Wi-Fi Services), the leading supplier of Ethernet connections in hotel rooms and the leading supplier of for-fee 802.11 “hotspot” wireless access to the public, Dirk Heinen and Brett Stewart wanted to bring the benefits of secure, reliable connectivity to retailers.


Today, Acumera is one of the leading providers of managed network security and automation services for the payment systems and operations of multi-site businesses. Our clients focus on growing their companies by using Acumera’s remote systems visibility, strong data security, and simplified compliance services. Since 2002, Acumera has been our clients’ trusted network partner.


Meet the Acumera Leadership Team.