The Acumera Partners Programs


Referral Partners

Acumera is honored that since 2002 so many of our new customers have come from recommendations of our existing customers and industry colleagues.  It’s more than a slogan that Acumera’s customer’s “Love” their networks.  That’s because all of our development efforts have been focused on the customer experience and deliverables that produce tangible results.


If you know any organization that could likewise benefit from Acumera’s industry leading technology and portfolio of services, please Contact Us to find out more about our Referral Rewards program.


Authorized Agents

Acumera’s Authorized Agent (AA) program is designed to work with carefully selected organizations, side-by-side, in the process of achieving Customer Satisfaction.  This is a joint-selling arrangement where business is transacted individually by each organization, but the process of coming together as a team to achieve a common goal produces mutual benefit and rewards.


AAs receive sales and marketing support from Acumera, as well as marketing materials and training. AAs are expected to achieve an annual performance quota.  Acumera is responsible to provide the end-user organization with Level 1, 2, and 3 network operations support, as well as initial network design, configuration, and deployment services.  AA compensation is in the form of a volume-based commission rate.


Please Contact Us to learn more about the AA program, quota targets, and our applicable discount model.



Strategic Resellers

Strategic Resellers (SR) are Acumera’s “sell-through” partners – organizations who take advantage of Acumera’s products and services to increase the value of their own solution offerings, provide them with formidable competitive advantages, and ultimately help their clients achieve business goals not otherwise possible.


In this program the SR is the lead on each and every transaction, inclusive of contracting.  Acumera services as the RS supplier of both products and ongoing professional services.  The SR only gets one bill from Acumera, regardless of the number of clients the SR serves with Acumera’s solutions.


In this program the SR typically performs all Level 1 support, with Acumera providing Levels 2 & 3.  If needed, Acumera has the ability to custom brand or white label products and artifacts to better support the SR’s branding strategies.


Annual performance quotas are required for this program, as well as regular participation in ACumera’s product training curricula.


If you have an interest in learning more about this partnership program, please Contact Us to learn more about program requirements and our SR volume discount schedule.

  • Referral Partners

  • Authorized Agents

  • Strategic Resellers

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