Security: The Acumera Merchant Gateway is a rugged, reliable integrated managed firewall, router, and application platform that provides a single connection point for all store systems, while supporting easy to implement and economical PCI compliance.


acuvigilVisibility: The AcuVigil™ Dashboard is a cloud-based network management portal that gives users a real-time look at network status, customizable alerts and reports, and remote management capabilities all in one place.  It is also the User Interface (UI) to the vast library of AcuVigil Apps that provide intelligent (as opposed to passive) connectivity, vendor-sprcific access and remote functionality, as well as PCI compliant security.

apps_iconsConnectivity: Acumera’s application (App) services provide an innovative platform for securely connecting onsite devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). Each App is designed to talk to a specific device to collect and deliver valuable operational data whenever and wherever it needs to go.  For example the Fuels/Tanks (ATG) App provides real-time visibility to a fuel station’s fuel inventory levels, temperature of the tank, as well as levels of water contamination.  The Temp App can read thermometer probes/sensors located in coolers to ensure food safety is being maintained in a C-Store or grocery store.

nocSupport Services: Acumera specializes in getting operating locations, network clients and devices securely connected — and keeping them securely connected. The Network Operations Center team is available 24/7 to provide telephone, vendor liaison, and trouble ticket support. Our security experts are a valuable business continuity and cost saving resource to our customers.