AcuVigil™ Apps Services


apps_iconsAcumera’s AcuVigil™ Apps services simplify the process of connecting and communicating with devices in the store to deliver a more secure and more cost-effective system for managing operations and data in the connected operating location.


Whether you need to change settings or security policies of a network client or securely send Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) or Point of Sale (POS) data to an approved third-party, each app is designed to perform industry-specific functions that support automation and efficiency.


Networking Apps

Remotely manage and control onsite networking devices, such as routers and cellular backup connections, as well as collect important data on device performance and security.

  • Network System
  • Actiontec 701 External ADSL
  • Motorola ADSL
  • CradlePoint
  • Novatel SA2100
  • Dual WAN Failover
  • Device Manager
  • Netgear SmartSwitch
  • AutoVPN


Processor Connection Apps

Encrypt data from the operating location and send it securely to your payment processor.

  • ZipLine
  • WorldPay
  • PaySafe SPG


Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Apps

Provide secure, reliable access to Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) fuel levels, deliveries, environmental data, and water alarms so that you and approved third parties can improve fuel inventory management.

  • FuelQuest Data Export
  • Intellifuel
  • PDI Fuel
  • Pilot ATG Link
  • TelaPoint Data Export
  • Titan FuelCloud


Environmental Monitoring Apps

Proactively monitor and manage important environmental data in each operating location, such as refrigeration temperatures or open cooler doors, to reduce loss due to food contamination or spoilage.

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Doors


Store System Integration Apps

Integrate with proprietary fuel price signs and Point of Sale (POS) systems to streamline operations.

  • PriceVision
  • POSView


PCI Tools

Easily generate documentation and access resources for PCI assessments.

  • PCI Evidence Generation
  • PCI ASV External Scans
  • Bi-Annual Firewall Policy Review