Acumera Solutions

The Acumera Solution Stack and Managed Services Portfolio


Acumera’s four-tiered portfolio of managed network and security services is built upon a framework of five key building blocks.  The foundation is a Managed Firewall network with complete Level 1, 2 & 3 Network Management services provided by Acumera’s Network Operations Center (NOC).  This level of service and network visibility is made possible by the unmatched capabilities of Acumera’s AcuVigil Dashboard.


Working upon this foundation are a library of software applications designed to facilitate and intelligently manage a multi-site network of operating locations.  Specifically, Acumera provides secure connectivity and visibility to Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, as well as many other subsystems comprising the Internet of Things (IoT).  Overlaying the entire framework, in addition to the foundational managed firewall services, are a portfolio of Advanced Security Services.


Altogether, Acumera’s portfolio of services comprise the most secure, scalable and extensible solution for the Payment Card Industry.


Download Acumera Service Solutions Data Sheets (PDF).  

The Cloud-Managed Network Gateway

Unparalleled Visibility, Security, Scalability, and Control.

This package of services is built around Acumera’s Merchant Gateway, a combination managed firewall and software applications platform. This secure network gateway intelligently connects a remote business location to the Internet, facilitating payment card processing, and a variety of other operational systems.

Merchant Solution Services

Customized packages for multi-site businesses.

This package addresses industry-specific and brand specific systems and technologies germane to a business operation.  For example, a C-Store or Fuel Station might require network connectivity, monitoring, and support for Fuel Dispensers and/or Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG).  A Quick Service Restaurant might wish to monitor coolers with a temperature system, or doors in secure areas.

Smart Connect Services

Secure, Reliable, Compliant Connectivity for Processing

In this package Acumera provides brand/technology specific software management of payment card systems from brands such as Wayne, Gilbarco, Valero, PDI, BUYPASS, Heartland, PaySafeSPG, Worldpay, Zipline, POS View, and more.

Advanced Security Services

Advanced Cybersecurity Consulting Services 

Cybersecurity is a critical piece of the Acumera platform. Our PCI-compliant, Advanced Security Services give your team the resources and support it needs to keep up with the latest trends and threat mitigation requirements in cybersecurity.  Services include automatic VPN encryption, web filtering, internal and external vulnerability scans, intrusion detection (IDS), and more.