Advanced Security Services

Managed Security


secureCybersecurity is a critical piece of the Acumera platform. As a part of our comprehensive secure network management services, we provide secure network development and implementation, a state-of-the-art managed firewall with the Acumera Merchant Gateway and the secure machine-to-machine connections that comprise the Apps managed by the AcuVigil™ Dashboard.


Featured Advanced Services




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Acumera AutoVPN Service creates secure and reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) links between your stores and your home office. Acumera provides a custom-configured Acumera Merchant Gateway to serve as a VPN concentrator at your HQ. After initial set-up, VPN links from your stores to HQ are automatically created and rebuilt. This fully managed service supports simple and complex network designs.



  • Acumera technology and management at both ends of each VPN link simplifies support
  • Automatic creation and rebuilding of VPN links increases reliability
  • Acumera handles VPN configuration and cryptography to enhance network security



  • Acumera Merchant Gateway serving as VPN concentrator(s) at HQ
  • AutoVPN application featuring advanced cryptography
  • Professional Services support for VPN design
  • AcuVigilTM Dashboard with VPN views
  • PCI DSS compliant solution
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Acumera Network Operations support


Internal and External Vulnerability Scans


In the world of Cybersecurity, one must be ever vigilant, endeavoring to answer the eternal question: “How secure am I?”


The only way to adequately answer that question is through routing testing and evaluations.  And as the threats to information security continue to evolve, so must a businesses preparedness to meet those threats.  To help facilitate this critical process, Acumera offers vulnerability scans to find weaknesses and correct them before they ever become exploited incidents.



Web Filtering

Acumera’s network architecture allows connection to White List databases to ensure than only proper network connections are permitted.



Access to Dedicated PCI Experts


The IT professionals of multi-site business (e.g. Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Clothing Chains, etc.) typically don’t have the time or internal personnel and resources to keep up with the latest trends, cyber-threats, and regulatory requirements in the evolving cybersecurity industry…so Acumera does it for them. Our customers have access to our dedicated subject matter experts in the areas of networking, data and network security – and PCI compliance in particular – when they need it most.



Advanced Cybersecurity Consulting Services


For an additional fee, Acumera’s experts provide a wide variety of advanced cybersecurity consulting services to help customers manage the complete PCI assessment process. Consulting focuses on current architecture, the latest technologies and cardholder data flows. We can also make recommendations about products, technologies, policies, processes and compensating controls.

  • PCI DSS scope definition and options for scope reduction
  • PCI DSS subject matter expert consulting
  • Network architecture review and recommendations
  • VPN optimization recommendations