The Cloud-Managed Network Gateway

Managed Firewall & Network Management Services, plus the AcuVigil™ Dashboard


Download the Cloud-Managed Network Gateway Data Sheet (PDF).


In this solution service, essential multi-site business network infrastructure is established with the Acumera Merchant Gateway.  This onsite device is a fully functional managed firewall, as well as an Applications Platform, capable of hosting a vast library of software Apps.


Network configurations are all stored in the Cloud.  That means onsite units are quickly configured and updated automatically.  And if a unit ever needs to be replaced, it can be fully restored to service in a matter of minutes.


As a standard part of the solution set, along with the Merchant Gateway, Acumera provides a SmartSwitch solution – i.e. an 8-port LAN switch (optionally expandable to 48-ports) with Virtual-LAN capability.  VLAN functionality is critical for LAN segmentation to keep payment card systems isolated from other systems on the same network, thus maintaining proper PCI-DSS compliance.



The heart of this service solution is the AcuVigil™ Dashboard.  This comprehensive network management system monitors all onsite devices in real-time, enabling the Acumera Network Operations Center (NOC) to deliver its renowned Level 1, 2, and 3 operational support.  The end-to-end visibility of AcuVigil ranges from primary Point-of-Sales (POS) systems performing credit card processing and authorizations, to back office systems, security systems, and any other IP-based systems.


Broadband Management services are also available as part of this package.  That means if there is a problem with primary Broadband WAN connectivity, the AcuVigil™ Dashboard will detect it and alert Support staff, who in turn can troubleshoot the problem and effect restoration.


What’s more, this solution is also WAN Failover ready.  So, if it is desirable for one or more sites to have a backup Broadband circuit for redundancy, the network is ready to take advantage of it.  Backup circuits can be provided by the customer, or provided by Acumera.  Ask your Acumera representative for details on available network carriers and data plans.

Unmatched Systems Visibility of your Secure Multi-Site Network

  • The AcuVigil™ Dashboard

    • Complete Network Visibility

  • The Merchant Gateway

    • Managed Firewall

    • Software Applications Platform

  • 8-Port LAN SmartSwitch

    • Expandable to 48-ports

  • Broadband Management Service

  • Dual WAN Failover Ready

  • NOC Support (Level 1, 2, & 3)