Merchant Solutions

Customized Solutions for Multi-Site Businesses


Merchant Solution Services are offered in three industry-focused packages: C-Store Connections, QSR Connections, and Retail Connections.  The first two are specific to those two Payment Card Industry sectors, with the latter applicable to just about any retail environment needed.


All three of these packages include all of the features and elements of the Cloud-Managed Network Gateway package, and adds to it, one of Acumera’s Internet of Things (IoT) software Apps.


C-Store Connections

In this package is the Fuels/Tanks App, which manages fuel systems for C-Stores and Fueling Stations.


This App gives visibility back to network operations as to the volume of fuel available, tank temperatures, as well as amount of water contamination.






QSR Connections

This package is for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).  Again, this package includes everything provided in the Cloud-Managed Network Gateway package, plus one of the other two IoT Apps: Temperature or Doors.  Thus in addition to general network security and support, multi-site networks with this feature can also monitor either the temperature of coolers or other devises to maintain food safety.  Or, doors can be monitored to ensure their security.




Retail Connections

This package also offers all the capabilities of the Cloud-Managed Network Gateway service, plus any other available IoT application.  For any IP-based subsystems, as part of network design services and set up, Acumera will develop appropriate firewall policies, routing tables, and/or VPN accommodations for system support.

Comprehensive Connectivity of POS Systems and the IoT


  • Fuel Dispensing Systems Monitoring
  • Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)
  • Temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Door-left-open monitoring and alerts