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To MSP or not to MSP

“Restaurants have become common targets via their point-of-sale systems as well as through online and mobile delivery services, with fraudsters aiming to harvest customer credit card information.” – Fast Casual. New digital technologies present enormous opportunities for restaurants looking to elevate their brand and grow their …


Five Restaurant Chain Technology Challenges Cloud Management Solves

Restaurants are notoriously difficult to manage. Unlike many other businesses, there are a lot of moving parts in a restaurant and failure at any one of them can cause problems that will reverberate throughout the operation. Managing a chain of restaurants is even more challenging, but …

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Multi-Site Retail Network Security Starts with Zero Trust

Multi-Site Retail Network Security Starts with Zero Trust

The steady stream of new cloud-based applications and digital technologies pose challenges in safeguarding your retail locations from future cyberattacks. Small retailers are particularly vulnerable to cyberthreats. According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report (DBIR), 58 percent of data breaches impact small businesses. What …