AcuLink™ Remote Access Service provides merchants and support technicians with PCI compliant remote access to devices like ATGs and DVRs, as well as more sensitive endpoints, like the point-of-sale (POS).

The AcuLink Remote Access edge computing workload, available via Acumera’s PCI DSS compliant AcuVigil™ platform, enables:

  • Simple one-click activation of remote sessions
  • Predefined, automatic disconnection of remote sessions
  • Authenticated, logged and secured ephemeral connections
  • Compliance with PCI DSS remote access requirements 12.3.8 and 12.3.9
  • Remote access to the POS for faster, more efficient service calls and improved uptime
  • Compliant remote access to legacy devices like DVRs and ATGs

Increase Savings*

A typical convenience store owner can:

Protect $1,542 in lost sales per site due to downtime

Save an average of $1,422 per site per year

Reduce tech service time and associated costs by more than 50% per incident

Minimize travel time with remote updates to POS and other devices

*Average savings per site per year; varies based on per-store sales and costs