Acumera Verifone Commander POS backup service reduces store downtime

The Verifone Commander POS backup service, managed through the AcuVigil™ dashboard, backs up the Verifone Commander POS configuration files to a cloud-based storage location. 

The service provides you:

Daily backup of POS configuration files

Backup retention for 180 days with the most current file stored indefinitely

Notification of configuration file changes

Downloadable backup configuration files

Accessibility by in-house and third-party service company VASCs through the AcuVigil dashboard

Compliance with Verifone SMS Import Export utility standards to successfully get the POS back online

Ability for junior technicians to perform an onsite Commander reload while senior techs restore the data remotely (when combined with AcuLink™ Services)


Verifone and Verifone Commander are registered trademarks of Verifone, Inc.

Reduce store downtime by 3 to 5 hours during a Verifone Commander reload.
Protect sales and brand reputation.
Prevent configuration drift.
Always have an up-to-date POS backup.
Easily identify and correct misconfiguration.

“Acumera brings unparalleled security and managed network services to Allsup’s and Yesway locations. Through Acumera’s AcuVigil™ Dashboard and its 24/7 network operations center (NOC), sites are proactively monitored to quickly identify and resolve issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.”

Doug New

Chief Technology Officer Yesway and Allsup's