Protect your company network, your revenue and your brand.

Enhanced Security Services Enterprise (ESS Enterprise) manages, logs, detects and responds to threats to your business and home office servers, desktops, laptops and other endpoints all day, every day. 

With Acumera’s ESS Enterprise, you get:

Threat Monitoring: Global traffic threat monitoring and analysis of traffic anomalies and indicators of compromise (IoC)
Log Retention: Capturing and storage of firewall logs with one-year retention and immediate access to recent logs in support of compliance and security requirements, including PCI DSS
Alerting: Alerts on traffic anomalies and indicators of compromise (IoC), managed through the AcuVigil Dashboard
Reporting and Security Planning: Customized monitoring and reporting, as determined with your dedicated security expert
Threat Response: Automated and manual response processes for identified threats, including incident triage, reporting, analysis and closure
AutoVPN: Secure connection of home office(s) to distributed locations for access to critical business information
Standalone Policy Management: Management of security policies on a per device basis for maximum flexibility, security and access control
Client Isolation: Network connectivity that is restricted not only between clients and servers, but also laterally between endpoints


Endpoint Detection and Response: Logging agent to record endpoint-level behaviors, detect suspicious activity and provide remediation suggestions to restore affected systems
Endpoint Logging and Syslogging: Device log collection with one-year retention for monitoring, auditing and review
Intrusion Detection System: Intrusion detection by traffic anomaly and behavioral analyses, plus deep packet inspection utilizing threat intelligence from numerous sources that supports compliance and security requirements
Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning: Automated scanning services that meet compliance requirements (like PCI DSS) and are accessible in the AcuVigil Dashboard
Web Filtering Service: Filtering to block viruses and malware via DNS that includes blacklisting, whitelisting, content blocking and SafeSearch features
WAN Failover Enabled: Automatic network failover capability to minimize disruptions to payment and cloud services when your primary internet goes down (cellular router and cellular service not included)


Hand off processes to a team that specializes in securing networks and security monitoring

Protect your company from breach-related recovery costs of hundreds of dollars per compromised customer record

Reduce downtime, save thousands of dollars per hour of lost productivity, and reduce reputation risk

Monitor for data patterns and data exfiltration and ensure privacy compliance (PII, PHI, HIPAA, etc.) with Acumera’s security services

“Acumera brings unparalleled security and managed network services to Allsup’s and Yesway locations. Through Acumera’s AcuVigil™ Dashboard and its 24/7 network operations center (NOC), sites are proactively monitored to quickly identify and resolve issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.”

Doug New

Chief Technology Officer Yesway and Allsup's