Payment Apps for Merchants

Connect, secure, & monitor your point-of-sale system in the cloud.

Payment Processor Connections

Brick & mortar retailers and restaurants that take payment cards know that a connection between the merchant account to the payment processor for transaction processing is required. Many processors require that you install additional processing and security hardware in your store, or they expect you to select a security solution.

Our cloud-managed platform connects your stores to your payment processor via connectivity apps in the AcuVigil™ Dashboard. Enable connections to the major retail POS solutions and monitor activity in the AcuVigil network monitoring and visibility dashboard.

Acumera is a PCI-Compliant Service Provider

We are listed on both the MasterCard and Visa registries of PCI-compliant service providers.

We are also a participating organization on the PCI Security Standards Council.

Features & Benefits
  • Secure & reliable connections between your
    IP-based POS system and your payment
  • Cloud-based monitoring of your transaction
    history (and your entire network) from a single
    pane of glass
  • Eliminate excess payment gateway hardware
    in your stores
  • PCI DSS 3.1 compliant TLS 1.2 protocol using
    strong cryptography
  • 24x7x365 support for any IP-based POS
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Prebuilt connections get your POS or mobile payments deployed quickly.

The AcuVigil Dashboard has pre-built connections to the leading point-of-sale systems, mobile payment platforms, and payment processors used by retailers and restaurants.

Keep checking back. We have several more programs on our roadmap.

P97 Connection Service speeds up your time to deploy P97’s PetroZone mobile payments and digital offers. Our customers use our network infrastructure. No new VPNs to provision.

Connect P97 Service to your sites from the AcuVigil Dashboard for visibility of recent transaction history in its own P97 Connection Service view. 


  • Eliminates the need for additional complicated and time-consuming VPN set-up
  • Monitor your P97 connections at every location from the AcuVigil Dashboard shows recent transaction history to speed remote support
  • The InComm Connection Service app adds additional security for InComm transactions and meets PCI DSS requirements for transmitting payment data
Case Study
Case Study


Network security and management adds complexity to day-to-day operations. Here’s how one retail business with 16 locations is staying ahead of the game.

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The Acumera Solution Stack

Our cloud-managed platform is designed for busy IT and operations teams that manage widely distributed retail and restaurant networks. Our platform is powerful to scale as you grow, flexible to evolve as you add new technology, and cloud-managed to give you unmatched visibility and control over every store network down to the device, and even the cable.


“I was just impressed with their reputation. I wanted a technology partner that I could trust with all my stores. They made me feel that I was in good hands and would be taken care of.”

Phil Wuest

Owner Pic-n-Pac Stores