Acumera NES™ Service increases network security and protects your business

Acumera removes the complexity of network management and increases network security and uptime to keep your business running smoothly. 

With Acumera NES™ Service, you get:

Network Security & Compliance

Safeguard sensitive data, protect against breaches and simplify compliance.

Protect payment systems plus segment and secure entire networks with Acumera’s advanced firewall.

Get log monitoring and network security services to protect against cyber attacks and downtime.

Network Support

Gain visibility and proactive network monitoring to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Rely on Acumera’s US-based team of network support experts 24x7x365 for fast problem resolution and maximum uptime.

Get alerts and issue resolution before network issues can hurt your business.

Network Connectivity

Keep your networks running smoothly and payments flowing.

Connect and secure critical systems and all network-connected devices.

Gain secure, remote access for compliant connections to payment, DVR and other devices.

Network Monitoring & Analytics

Save money due to lost inventory and maximize efficiencies with automated reporting and historical data.

Access a cloud-based dashboard and containerized edge computing workloads (also known as apps) for analytics, loyalty programs, and more.

Get secure data extraction for third-party loyalty and analytics providers.

Advanced firewall to secure and segment networks, safeguard sensitive payment system data, and shield DVRs and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Log monitoring and network security services for monitoring up to 50,000 network traffic logs per site per day

Compliance guidance and tools (HACCP, PCI, PII and others) from a provider listed on the Visa and Mastercard registries of PCI compliant service providers 

24x7x365 US-based network support for fast problem resolution and maximum uptime

AcuVigil™ management dashboard for visibility and proactive network monitoring to quickly identify issues and alert you before they can disrupt your business

Easy-to-use help-ticket system with automated alerts, visibility and central problem identification and resolution

AcuLink™ Remote Access Service for secure, compliant connections to payment, DVR and other devices

Secure, segmented network to safeguard all connected devices, protect sensitive data and maximize uptime

Cellular backup (WAN failover) capability for automatic backup network connectivity to prevent payment processing disruptions when your primary internet goes down (cellular service not included)

Secure, containerized edge computing workloads integrated into the Acumera MG™ Edge Security Device for monitoring, management, business intelligence and more

Cloud-based dashboard to support Internet of Things (IoT) devices, loyalty programs, business management software and more

Secure data extraction for third-party loyalty, analytics and back-office providers


Other services available include: cellular service for WAN failover, internal vulnerability scanning, external vulnerability scanning, network traffic monitoring and log storage, intrusion detection system (IDS), monitoring and response, and web content filtering. 

“Acumera brings unparalleled security and managed network services to Allsup’s and Yesway locations. Through Acumera’s AcuVigil™ Dashboard and its 24/7 network operations center (NOC), sites are proactively monitored to quickly identify and resolve issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.”

Doug New

Chief Technology Officer Yesway and Allsup's