Powering the Next Generation of Retail Networks

As multi-site retailers evolve and innovate, the need for a secure, cost-effective, and reliable network to support new technology is essential.

Give Your Customers the Experience They Expect.

Branch retail networks are complex and demand time from your IT team. As multi-site retailers evolve and innovate, the need for secure, cost-effective, and reliable networks is essential. Sluggish network performance or outages will frustrate your customers, cost your business sales, and damage your reputation. Acumera’s cloud-managed platform and managed security services remove the complexity of network management and give your team the time to focus on revenue-generating technology that will delight your customers.

Benefits of Working with Acumera
  • Remove the complexity of managing multiple sites and focus on growing your business.
  • Connect and monitor IoT devices: security systems, digital signage, kiosks, loyalty apps, sales, inventory, and more through the AcuVigil™ Dashboard.
  • Simplify PCI compliance and protect your card data environment (and your entire network) with our managed security services and security tools.
  • Never lose a payment. With automatic WAN Failover to wired or wireless Internet backup, your POS (and your entire network) stays online
  • Get secure access to real-time information like sales, inventory, loyalty, and staffing data to make fast business decisions.
  • Resolve network issues before they impact profits with Acumera’s proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring.
  • Quickly add new stores. Acumera’s platform scales easily as you grow.
  • Control your IT budget with predictable low monthly payments
Acumera for Retail Businesses



  • The AcuVigil Dashboard for network visibility
  • Connect, monitor, and manage IP-enabled devices from a single dashboard
  • Enable site-to-site VPN connections from the AcuVigil Dashboard


Acumera’s Service Bundles for Multi-Site Retailers

A bundled set of services, Retail Connections Premium connects and secures your POS systems, Internet-enabled (IoT) devices, and business systems so that you can maximize uptime across all of your remote sites.DOWNLOAD Retail Connections Premium

Retail Connections Standard service bundle connects and secures your POS systems, Internet-enabled (IoT) devices, and business systems so that you can monitor of your remote sites from anywhere. DOWNLOAD Retail Connections Standard Service    

Acumera’s Managed Firewall Service is designed for multi-site retail businesses. Our technology is certified by the major point-of-sale vendors, and we make installing and monitoring your firewall affordable and easy. DOWNLOAD Managed Firewall Service

White Paper
White Paper

Millenial Optimized

Millennials are your customers. They expect a fast, convenient, and connected experience. Your network needs to support their demands.

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Case Study
Case Study

Jacksons Food Stores

Acumera Supports Jacksons Growth from 90 to 250 Stores The partnership between Acumera and Jackson’s IT department successfully scaled expanding operations.

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The Acumera Solution Stack

Designed for busy IT and operations teams that manage multi-site retail and restaurant networks. Our platform is powerful to scale as you grow, flexible to evolve as you add new technology, and cloud-managed to give you unmatched visibility and control over every store network down to the device.