Granting secure, PCI compliant remote access to network devices for authorized employees and service providers

Legacy equipment, like DVRs and ATGs, often expose an attack vector to the digital estate of the store, so how do you provide secure remote access to these and other network-connected devices for authorized employees, third-party service providers and business partners? Standards for PCI compliance included …

How to select a Verifone certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) and prepare for outdoor EMV

Verifone’s Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) is reaching its end-of-life and cannot support the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and outdoor EMV. As a result, Verifone previously announced that new installations should deploy devices with a certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP). What is in included Verifone’s MNSP program? …

D&H United Fueling Solutions and Acumera partner to deliver secure PCI Compliant Network and Outdoor EMV solutions to customers throughout the Southwest

D&H United Fueling Solutions and Acumera partner to deliver end-to-end PCI compliant network management, remote access, and fueling system solutions that provide fueling retailers with a secure, simple path to enabling outdoor EMV.

Acumera to showcase expanded AcuLink™ services at the NACS Show 2019

At the NACS Show 2019, Acumera will showcase expanded AcuLink™ services and how the company transforms digital estate visibility into actionable intelligence for operations Above the Store™, Below the Store™ and everywhere in between.