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Acumera provides managed network security and automation services for the payment systems and operations of multi-site businesses.

Our clients focus on growing their companies by using Acumera’s remote systems visibility, strong data security, and simplified compliance services. Since 2002, Acumera has been our clients’ trusted network partner.

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  • If you own and/or manage a network or chain of Convenience Stores, Fuel Stations, Quick-Serve Restaurants, Pizza Parlors, Auto Repair/Parts Stores, Drug Stores, Coffee Shops, Liquor Stores, Clothing Stores, Car Washes, or even Unattended Kiosks in a widely dispersed multi-site business – then you face......

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  • Transactions are the lifeblood for convenience stores. From the customers’ perspective, they want to get what they need, make their purchases and be back on the road quickly. For multi-site businesses, transaction processing has always been a key concern, but there are even more options and......

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